Government of Federal Republic of Ethiopia
    Federal Institutions
    Ministry Institution(s) under the Ministry Contact Information
    Ministry of Peace National Information Security Service
    Information Network Security Agency
    Finance Security Information Center
    Immigration, Nationality, and Vital Events Agency
    Immigrant and Returnees Affairs Agency
    National Disaster Risk Management Commission
    Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Institute
    Federal Police Commission
    Phone Number: 251 115 539719
    Address: Wollo Sefer, Addis Ababa
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign Relations Services Training Institute
    Diaspora Agency
    Phone Number: 251115510552 / +251115517345
    Address: Menelik II Avenue, Addis Ababa
    Ministry of Defence National Defence Engineering University College
    Gafat Armament
    Hommicho Ammunition Engineering
    Dejen Aviation Engineering
    Brana Printing Press
    Defence Construction Enterprise
    Defence Construction Design Enterprise
    Defence Construction Material Production Factory
    Phone Number: 2511115522464
    Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Ministry of Finance Public Enterprises Holding and Administration Agency
    Ethiopian Accounting and Auditing Board
    Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency
    Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service
    Phone Number: 251 111552015
    Address: 5 Killo, Addis Ababa
    Ministry of Justice Civil Societies Organization Agency
    Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office
    Federal Prisons Administration
    Justice and Legal Research and Training Institute
    Document Authentication and Registration Agency
    Federal Tax Appeal Tribunal
    Phone Number: +251 115515099
    Address: Bambis, Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, Addis Ababa
    Ministry of Agriculture Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research
    Agricultural Research Council Secretariat
    Cooperatives Agency
    Agricultural Transformation Agency
    Coffee and Tea Development and Marketing Authority
    Agriculture Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges
    Veterinary Drug and Animal Feed Administration and Control Authority
    National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center
    National Artificial Insemination Center
    National Institute for Control and Eradication of Tsetse fly Trypanososmosis
    National Veterinary Institute
    Phone Number: +251 11 6460746
    Address: Gurd Shola (Near Century Mall) on the way to Egzher Ab, Addis Ababa.
    Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration

    Ministry of Industry( formerly Ministry of Trade and Industry)
    Textile Industry Development Institute
    Leather Industry Development Institute
    Metals Industry Development Institute
    Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute
    Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute
    Federal small and Medium Manufacturing Industry Development Authority
    Ethiopian Trade Competition and Consumers Protection Authority
    Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Authority
    Ethiopian National Accreditation Office
    Ethiopian Standard Agency
    National Metrology Institute of Ethiopia
    Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise
    Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise
    Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute
    Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration Phone Number: +2515518025/ 2511141536
    Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Ministry of Industry Phone Number: +251 115515411
    Address: Arada sub city, Basha Welde Chilot
    Ministry of Innovation and Technology Ethiopian Radiation Protection Agency
    Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute
    Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute
    Technology and Innovation Institute
    Geospatial Information Institute
    Phone Number: 251 112265737
    Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Ministry of Transport and Logistics Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority
    Federal Transport Authority
    Maritime Affairs Authority
    Ethiopian Roads Authority
    Road Fund Office
    Insurance Fund Administration Agency
    Ethiopian Railroad Corporation
    Ethio-Djibouti Standard Gauge Railway Transport S.C.
    Public Service Transport Service Enterprise
    Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise
    Phone Number: +251 11 5518292
    Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Ministry of Urbanization and Infrastructure Federal Urban Real Property Registration and Information Agency
    Federal Urban Job Opportunities Creation and Food Security Agency
    Integrated Infrastructure Development Coordination Agency
    Construction Project Management Institute
    Construction Works Regulatory Authority
    Federal Houses Corporation
    Phone Number: 0115 531688
    Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Ministry of Water and Energy

    Ministry Irrigation and Lowlands (formerly Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy)
    Irrigation Development Commission
    Water Development Commission
    The Water Development Fund
    Basin Development Authority
    Great Renaissance Dam Coordination Project Office
    Water Technology Institute
    National Metrology Agency
    Ethiopian Energy Authority
    Ethiopian Electric Power
    Ethiopian Electric Utility
    Ministry of Water and Energy Phone Number: + 251 116611111
    Address: Haile G/Silassie Road

    Ministry of Irrigation and Lowland Areas Phone Number: +251 911689969
    Address: Kasanchis, Addis Ababa
    Ministry of Mines and Petroleum The Ethiopian Geological Survey
    The Ethiopian Rural Energy Development and Promotion Center
    The Ethiopian Petroleum and Gas Production and Supply Corporation
    Phone Number: +251 116675495
    Address: Jacros, Addis Ababa
    Ministry of Education National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency
    Educational Materials Production and Distribution Enterprise
    Phone Number: +251 11155 3133
    Email: Address: Arat Killo
    Ministry of Health St. Peter’s TB Specialized Hospital
    St. Paul’s Hospital and Millennium Medical College
    St. Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital
    All Africa Leprosy and Rehabilitation Training Center
    Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority
    Ethiopian Public Health Institute
    Pharmaceutical Supply Agency
    Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency
    National Blood Bank Services Office
    Armauer Hansen Research Institute
    Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention Control Office
    Phone Number: +251 115517011
    Address: 1234 Sudan Street, Addis Ababa
    Ministry of Women and Social Affairs (formerly Ministry of Women, Children, and Youth) Social Affairs
    Women and Children Affairs
    Youth Affairs
    Phone Number: +251 118625869/ +251 115517080
    Address: Kasanchis,Addis Ababa
    Ministry of Labour and Skills (formerly Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) Private Organization’s Employees Social Security Agency
    Overseas Employment Agency
    Address: Behind Lamberet Ethiopian Technical and Vocational Institutes
    Ministry of Culture and Sport

    Ministry of Tourism (formerly Ministry of Culture and Tourism)
    Authority for Research Conservation of Cultural Heritaget
    National Archives and Library Agencyt
    National Theatert
    Hotels and Tourism Works Training Centert
    Sport Commissiont
    Ethiopian Youth Sport Academyt
    Athlete Tirunesh Dibaba Athletics Training Centert
    Anti–Doping Office
    Ministry of Tourism Phone Number: +251 118619618 +251 116184715
    Address: Africa Avenue Behind DH Geda Building, Addis Ababa

    Ministry of Culture and Sport Phone Number: +251 115541114
    Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Ministry of Revenue Customs Commission
    National Lottery Administration
    Phone Number: 011 6178490
    Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Other Institutions Ethiopian Investment Commission

    Ethiopian Communication Authoriy

    Civil Service Commission

    Job Creation Commission

    National Bank of Ethiopia

    Planning and Development Commission
    Phone Number: +251 115510033 +251 115514396
    Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Phone Number:+251116928043
    Address: Robel Plaza, Bole sub city Eoreda 03

    Phone Number: +251 15549666/67
    Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Address: Bole Road

    Phone Number: +251 115517430
    Address: Sudan Street

    Address: Yekatit 12 Hospital