Roaming service information

    With Safaricom Ethiopia roaming service, you can call people in other countries using your local number like you are in Ethiopia. When you travel abroad or to a different geographic area, our goal is to make sure that you can access the same services that you subscribe to at home. Our customers using Postpay and Prepay can use Safaricom Ethiopia roaming service.

    Before you travel, there are a few things you should know

    Please visit the Safaricom Terms and Conditions for Roaming Service

    Prepay customers: your account is already activated to allow roaming as long as you have sufficient balance.

    To reduce data charges, disable automatic updates.

    On Android: Go to settings>Apps & notifications> App notifications> Notifications>Disable all App notifications
    On iPhone: Go to settings>General>Background App Refresh> and turn Background App Refresh to Off

    Your network will automatically switch to the available partner network

    Country Code/ Area code Country Special Destinations
    216 Tunisia 499 Birr
    677 Solomon Island 499 Birr
    675 Papua New Guinea 499 Birr
    213 Algeria 499 Birr
    247 Ascension 499 Birr
    269 Comoros 499 Birr
    682 Cook Islands 499 Birr
    53 Cuba 499 Birr
    246 Diego Garcia 499 Birr
    500 Falkland Islands 499 Birr
    686 Kiribati 499 Birr
    383 Kosovo 499 Birr
    960 Maldives Islands 499 Birr
    691 Micronesia 499 Birr
    674 Nauru 499 Birr
    683 Niue 499 Birr
    850 North Korea 499 Birr
    239 Sao Tome & Principe 499 Birr
    290 St Helena 499 Birr
    508 St Pierre & Miquelon 499 Birr
    690 Tokelau 499 Birr
    676 Tonga 499 Birr
    688 Tuvalu 499 Birr
    678 Vanuatu 499 Birr
    681 Wallis & Futuna 499 Birr
    685 Western Samoa 499 Birr
    881-8;9 Global Mobile Satellite System Global star Basic 499 Birr
    881-6;7 Global Mobile Satellite System Iridium 499 Birr
    870-30-38 Inmarsat B (SNAC) Except Pacific 499 Birr
    870-78 Inmarsat BGAN HSD SNAC 499 Birr
    870-77 Inmarsat BGAN SNAC 499 Birr
    870-76 Inmarsat Mini-M (SNAC) Except Pacific 499 Birr
    882-99 International Networks - Aero Mobile 499 Birr
    882-13 International Networks - Emsat 499 Birr
    882-138; International Networks - Emsat Special Services 499 Birr
    882-32 International Networks - Maritime Comms Partner 499 Birr
    882-98 International Networks - On air 499 Birr
    882-16 International Networks - Thuraya Satellite Telecom 499 Birr
    883-5100 International Networks - Vox Bon 499 Birr
    48459 Poland-special 499 Birr
    232305 Sierra Leone special 499 Birr
    48579428-9 Poland 499 Birr

    Roaming is a service that enables Safaricom Ethiopia mobile subscribers to use voice, SMS and data when you’re outside Ethiopia, by means of using a visited network.

    Prepay customers will automatically connect to a network and start roaming when switched on in the visited country, you do not need to pay any registration or monthly subscription charges to activate roaming.
    If you need to use data, go to settings> Mobile Data > and select Data roaming as “ON

    Safaricom Ethiopia provides international roaming services in over 190 countries. You can find a list of the countries included in the low-cost service area by visiting

    To reach any destination while in the country you are visiting, dial the country code followed by the phone number. E.g. +2517XXXXXX to call back to Safaricom Ethiopia.

    Bundles will only be used or consumed locally.

    Once you turn off data roaming, you won't have access to mobile data when outside Ethiopia. Normal text messages and voice calls don't use data.

    Dial the Customer care number via +251 799 000 700. You will be charged the applicable rate indicated in the tariff schedule i.e., the rate applicable to calls made back home (to Ethiopia) when you use your line.