Working with us

    A career journey at Safaricom Ethiopia means being part of an exciting and impactful workplace where we have put Diversity and Inclusion at the core of everything we do.

    As part of the team, we put great focus and emphasis on our customers. We know that our customers are passionate and keen to grow with us, so we take time to understand and connect with their needs, therefore Earning customer loyalty.

    We are part of a Global community of corporate bodies that have adopted the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You will join a team that is energized and focused on Creating the future through positive impact to individuals, communities and the ecosystems around us. We are in the business of Transforming Lives!

    The world around us is fast evolving and exciting innovations and technologies are the order of the day. Join a team that Experiments, and learns fast. We fail fast, and fail forward because we know that learning is atomic!

    To go further, we know that we have to Get it done together! We take great interest in creating personal connections that make the workplace a fun place to work. We are family. We are Safaricom Ethiopia!


    Employee Benefits

    To keep employees engaged, motivated, and committed to Safaricom Ethiopia, we believe in offering equal opportunities for all. We believe in Diversity, and Inclusion, Global mobility, working in a best practice environment, Competitive compensation, and Meritocracy. We strive to set our overall remuneration package to be among the leading companies in our peer comparators.

    We also offer an environment conducive to encourage performance and structure our rewards to enable growth and development as well as differentiating people based on their individual contribution. We link total reward to business objectives in a fair and equitable way by establishing accountability and ownership of the reward process with line management.

    Our Way

    We seek to create opportunities for Ethiopians to be a part of our growth story by empowering them with the right tools and opening opportunities for personal development and economic growth.

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